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About the Artist

Rita Taylor

I have truly loved the world of art and oil painting most of my life. I began at the age of 14 to mix and experiment with oils. I am self taught and as my knowledge grew and the more I painted, the more excited I became about being an artist.

 I have always loved roses, (my favorite flower!) so naturally I was inspired by their softness and beauty. I love to paint using real roses as a focus because they are so velvety and fresh.

I live in California but being born and raised in Kentucky I also love "all things country!" I have added "barn scenes," "snow scenes" "walks in the country" and many subjects around this theme to my collection. 

As I was growing up we were always visiting my grandparents on their farm in Kentucky. It was there that I developed my love for "All Things Country". It has given me so many wonderful memories to draw from.

Living now in California, I have been in many art shows, as well as having the priviledge of showing my work in galleries in Laguna Beach California. I am a very traditional artist as I give as much realism and detail as possible to achieve the end result in my paintings. I especially enjoy creating scenes from old barns covered in snow, still life paintings of old mail boxes, rusty pails, wooden bushels and much more! Roses in all types of settings; with teacups, teapots and tables covered in beautiful white lace.

Through God's blessing, my love and enjoyment of painting has been a very important part of my life.

It is my pleasure to have you visit my website and I encourage you to browse and enjoy!